The Alternate Dumbbell Press

The Alternate Dumbbell press is a great exercise for you shoulders and triceps as well as good for coordination for the upper body.

Position: A standing position with the feet a comfortable distance apart and a dumbbell held in each hand at the shoulders.

Action: From this position, the dumbbells are pushed overhead until the arms are locked at the elbows, then returned to the shoulders and the motion repeated.
alternate dumbbell press
The arms are extended overhead alternately.
First, one dumbbell is pushed overhead and as it descends to the shoulder the other dumbbell is pushed overhead.
One is rising as the other is descending. If one arm is stronger than the other it is wise to start with the weaker arm and concentrate on its effort.

Breathing: Inhale as the weaker arm pushes the overhead and exhale as the stronger arm goes overhead.

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