First stop at Ikea is the food. But today was a little disappointing. Running around the store with the kids should be fun though

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Weight Loss Research and Pokemon Go

I remember last July and the launch of Pokemon Go. It was a big deal for my son and I and over the few weeks after it certainly got more popular in our house as my wife started playing as well.
A few month later though and the popularity has definitely waned. For my son and I the game is still fun, but while living in an area with very cold winters (Alberta, Canada), we do not walk nearly as much now.
A very interesting study came out related to exercise and Pokemon Go that I believe is a microcosm of any kind of exercise change.

How Pokemon Go Increased Exercise in 2016

When Pokemon Go was released the idea was that people from everywhere would increase their walking to go to Pokestops and to find Pokemon in the wild. In our house it initially led to walking, then to bike riding to cover more distance, and finally for my son and I we would go for walks in more urban areas like Calgary.

I suspect that for many people the game was initially exciting and then after a few weeks they reached a tougher level and just gave up the game.

How to get 10000 steps a day on your fitbit

I have to admit that I love my Fitbit. When I first got it I wondered if it was really possible to get 10,000 fitbit steps in a single day. There is some research that proves that 10,000 steps in a day has real health benefits.
In fact I have written about my Fibit a couple of times here on the site, and the fact that it has been on my arm for well over a year is a testament to how it has affected my life.
So since the beginning of using my Fitbit I have tried to setup my day to get my steps in

How I Guarantee Myself 10,000 Fitbit Steps a Day

Here are a few tips that helped me get to my step goal, in fact my average is nearly 12,000 steps a day and I have to assure you that it is tough work for me, and it does not come easy.

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