Some Eating Tips - and filthy carbs

I get a lot of emails regarding what to eat and how to eat. I am sure that you are like all of us and trying to balance the simplicity of eating with the foods you should eat.

I totally agree!

The last thing anyone wants to do is have some crazy eating schedule where you eat one thing all day, switch to another type of food for three days...and... well no one can follow some of these crazy eating schemes.

What you really usually need is just a few rules. I have rules like

pasta-with-brocolli1. No eating first thing in the morning, only water
2. Good carbs for breakfast
3. No big meals
4. Lots of fruits and vegetables
5. Restrict alcohol, never overdo the drinking
6. No eating for two hours before bed.

These rules will make a big difference for anyone. I find also that the carbs are always a big question. As far as protein goes we know that burgers are usually bad and chicken breasts are usually good, but carb restricting is always confusing and leads to boring eating. The magic is in eating the right kinds of carbs

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