Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 

Last night my wife, daughter, and I finally watched Fat Sick and Near Dead (our son wasn't interested, playing Minecraft). What a great Dodumentary it was. The whole premise of the movie is the idea of doing juice fasts.

I am not sure if Juice fasting is really fasting as you are getting carbs and protein, and probably a bit of fat but you are in fact getting more micronutrients that you have ever gotten in your life.

What is Fat Sick and Nearly Dead about?

Joe Cross is the maker and how to this film and as it is setup he is suffering from an autoimmune condition where his immune system just fires up and gives him rashes all the time, in addition to this he is quite a few pounds overweight. Starting in New York and driving across the US to California, meeting people, talking about juicing, and not eating anything but only drinking juices for 61 days.

In the end Joe loses about 60 pounds or so and convinces a few people to try his juice with mixed results. One very interesting meeting on the road though was when Joe ran into a trucker with the same problem as him who weighed just over 400 pounds his name is Phil.

Once Joe gets back home to Australia he gets a call from Phil asking him if he can help. Phil has decided that he is very out of shape, unhealthy and scared for his life so Joe Cross flies back to the US to help him out. Phil is just another regular guy and tries that fast, starts exercising and I was super inspired by the way that he took hold of his life.
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