Countries With Highest Marijuana Use

Wow it has been a long time since I have done any kind of drugs, decades actually, but in celebration of 420 today I thought I would get a bit of entertaining info on just how things have changed and how prevalent marijuana is in our society today.

First of all the overall popularity of Marijuana:

I was a little shocked to see numbers these high but it is interesting to see which countries are the highest per capita use.

Seems this is one of those “First World Problems” as we hear so much about these days. Although there are a few outliers it looks like most companies with a fairly high standard of living have the highest usage rates.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

But, we keep hearing the benefits of marijuana use for people. Medical marijuana is all the rage in North America as studies seem to show that there are a lot of good uses. Prevention magazine shows the grading of how effective marijuana is for everything from nausea, chronic pain, Epilepsy, Crones Disease ,cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and more.

marijuana leaf

Another interesting thing in going from the clinical to the recreational is how Marijuana can be consumed. We all think of the smoking weed, and hash, brownies but there are a few other ways as shown by the United Patients Group in a good article on how to consume pros and cons.

Now this leads me to a bit on recreational use. I am not a big fan, maybe times and attitudes will change for me but after a bit of heavy use back in the 80s I realize full well that any kind of high consumption of alcohol or drugs can lead to all sorts of personal issues and of course professional ones as well.

But, I should not be one to judge how people spend their time and what they do with their free time. So I will refuse and just keep telling my kids to avoid drugs (until they can make their own good decision either way). And with a bit of paranoia there are studies showing marijana can alter the brains of young adults.

Are There Benefits For Casual Marijuana Use?

But there are benefits to casual marijuana use and just for today I wanted to highlight a few of them. Trouble is there do not seem to be any.

I was a little shocked when I started looking hard to find the case for casual marijuana use. I was guessing stress relief, dopamine kick, coritsol drop. But none of that. In fact, Cortisol is a stress hormone so I was sure that would at least drop, but no a study shows Cortisol levels actually increase after smoking marijuana.

And for people smoking pot on a regular basis there are also studies showing a drop in testosterone levels with one notable exception.

So, I guess my kinda negative vies of marijuana use is actually pretty accurate. This may not be the worst thing you could do, but in the absence of a serious disease there are not any good reasons to partake in the 420 Smoke Out ritual that has become so popular



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