Acai For Weight Loss -Does It Work?

There have been many claims that taking acai for loss can be a very effective way to shed unwanted pounds. Others have been somewhat skeptical, seeing acai as yet another hyped-up gimmick.

What is the truth? Is it worth your while to try acai for your loss goals?

Acai Berry is a Superfood

acai berryFirst of all, acai is a berry that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is sometimes called a superfood because of its nutritional value. So you really can’t go wrong in adding a healthy fruit to your diet. Acai is available as a juice, as frozen berries, as well as in capsules.

Acai berry is also contained in certain blends of juices and nutritional supplements. Unlike many diet pills, acai is at least a natural and healthy food.

Most nutritional experts today recommend consuming more fruits and vegetables, for overall health as well as loss. Acai is one of the healthiest fruits you can take. In addition to its many nutrients, it contains healthy fatty acids and fiber that can help the body burn fat more efficiently. So it is reasonable to conclude that acai can be a healthy and beneficial part of a loss program.

Is Acai Berry Magic? No!

The truth is, acai berries, or any other food or supplement that you can safely consume, is not going to magically make you lose weight. You have to eat a healthy diet, consume fewer calories, and get regular exercise. There are, however, certain foods that can act as helpers or catalysts to help in your overall loss program. Acai is one of these.

One of the keys to using a healthy supplement like acai successfully is to think of it as a food (which it is) rather than a diet pill. This is easier to remember if you are consuming actual berries or drinking it as a juice than if you are taking capsules, but it’s the same principle either way.

The point is, you want to substitute healthy and beneficial foods for less healthy and more fattening ones. So you want to take acai in place of of other things (like junk foods and snacks), not in addition to them. This way you are not only eating healthier, you are reducing your calorie consumption as well.

Taking acai for loss can be part of an effective loss program. Just remember that it has to be combined with an overall change in diet and lifestyle.

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