How To Build Huge Pecs – The Critical Steps

Your chest workout is probably one of your favorites. As you get stronger your chest starts to fill out and your upper body begins to get a “V” shape to it which is helpful in making your midsection look tighter and your waist look thinner.

So now that you know why you want to Build huge pecs and you probably already knew this. The next question is how do you Build huge pecs?

OK there are a few things that you need to know. To build up your chest you need to have a very focused workout for your chest.

Here are those keys to build huge pecs

Build Huge Pecs

Build Huge Pecs

Lift big to get big – This means that you need to train with heavyweights to get stronger. As you get a bigger bench press you will get a bigger chest.

Keep your muscles confused – Your muscles are very good at getting used to the exercises that you do.

What you need to do is keep your muscles confused by changing the number of reps, changing the number of sets, and especially changing your exercises frequently. Confused muscles grow much more quickly.

Eat lots of protein – Protein is the biggest building block of your muscle mass besides water.

As you lose fat you will as a byproduct lose some muscle mass unless you are eating a lot of protein. At the same time please remember that your body can not metabolize more then 30 grams of protein per meal.

Eat lots – Eating a lot of food is important to building a bigger chest. You are going to have to gain some fat in the process.

You need lots of carbs as well as the protein as stated above. Try to keep the fat down though. Also you are going to get a faster metabolism by eating a lot and a faster metabolism will allow your body to grow faster.

Drink a lot of water – As you eat more protein your body will need to take in a lot of water to process the protein. Another reason that water is critical is because if you are not drinking enough water then you body will not be able to grow.

So what kind of workout do you need to do to build huge pecs? It is probably not what you think.

Your Chest workout will need to have a total of 6 sets. When I say six sets you are probably thinking of the last time that you read a Muscle and Fitness chest workout and how you should do 12 to 20 sets for your chest. Well unless you are doing a lot of anabolic steroids you are not going to be able to recover from a giant workout for building strong chest.

Here is the best workout to build huge pecs

Warmup on a treadmill or elliptical or bike for 10 minutes or so to raise you core temperature. You do not want do too much cardio as this will burn the calories that you want to have available for your workouts.

Now that you are warmed up stretch your chest by doing a set of flyes by stretching it as much as you can with a really light .

Now you can get into the big weights.

2 sets of Flyes – Use negatives and or assistance and even stripweights to do each set of about 8 reps completely to exhaustion.

2 sets of Cable crossovers – The same as above, these sets should go to exhaustion.

2 sets of Flat bench presses – This is the last sets and is a bit backwards from what you are used to. At this point your workout is going to be coming to an end. Your chest will be wiped out and you will get some great sets of bench in but your chest will be completely burned.

build muscleThis workout should take place twice a week. You have to give at least a couple of days or even three or four days in between.

Most people overtrain their muscles fairly soon after getting started doing weights and never recover. Watch as you are working out over time that you are getting stronger. If you are not getting stronger then you are going to have to take more time off between workouts.

So what do you think? Is this going to be attainable by you? Are you going to be able to make these changes?

I find that people will go a year without good gains sometimes because their workouts are stagnating, they are overtraining and this way that I have stated will shock their muscles into changes.

At the same time people are willing to overtrain by doing pretty hard sets and far too many of them when a few really heavy sets are what really builds strength and muscle.

If you are interested in Build huge pecs then doing this workout and eating program will definitely help you grow quickly.

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