Best Triceps Exercises

One overlooked muscle group is the triceps so I thought I would write a bit on the best triceps exercises. The triceps muscles are the muscles at the top of the back of your arm and are called triceps as they are muscles that have three heads.

There are many ways that you use your triceps  but most of all it is important to remember that even though everyone is working their biceps to have big arms in actual fact your triceps will make your arms bigger a lot fast than working your biceps do. So it is important to do the correct and best triceps exercises to make the most of all three heads of your triceps.

Here are the Three Best Triceps Exercises

Best Tricep Exercises

Best Triceps Exercises

Triceps kickbacks – This exercise is fantastic, I think it is one of  the best triceps exercises and is done by keeping your body parallel to a bench with your hand and knee resting on the bench.

In this position with your free arm bring your elbow up to your side and then bring your arm up straight.

This exercise is the opposite of a bicep curl and at the top you will have a great peak contraction of your triceps.

Triceps pushdowns – You need a gym to do this exercise. All you do is pull the bar of the machine down to your sides and you will feel the contraction when your arms reach the bottom. When doing this exercise try to tighten at the bottom of the rep and you will get a great burn.

Close grip bench press – this is just like a regular bench press except you are keeping your hands less than shoulder height apart. As you let the down keep your elbows into your body and you will be able to feel the push up as being very difficult.

Out of all of these tricep exercises, I believe that the triceps kickbacks are the best.

When doing triceps exercises try to make sure that you do not work triceps more than twice a week as the triceps are used a lot in doing chest and shoulder exercises as well and can be easily overtrained.

Each set for triceps should be about 6-10 reps and actually my method of doing triceps is to just do two sets of each exercise and each of these sets is to failure.

Many compound exercises also work your triceps. A couple of examples of exercises that also work your triceps are the bench presses and military presses.

Triceps can be worked twice a week with a couple of days between workouts and you should do about 4-6 good heavy sets total between these exercises to work your triceps well.

So are these the best triceps exercises to you or are there others that you like better?

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