What Is A Nic Fit And How To Stop One

OK this is a subject that every smoker knows and no non smoker could ever understand. Years ago when I used to smoke I knew this bit of panic and tension well.

The idea and the feeling of a nic fit is terrible. Nicotine fits are a feeling that comes over a smoker when they have gone to long without a cigarette.

What are the feelings?

A racing of the heart, a compulsive feeling of waiting for a cigarette, a tenseness of the entire body and finally a discomfort that there is something missing and craving that cigarette that just will not go away.

What is a nic fit?

Nicotine fits are caused actually by the body noticing a drop in the nicotine level in the blood. This will start to occur probably within a couple of hours after a cigarette is last smoked but is of course your first nic fit after quitting smoking seems to happen almost immediately.

Risks of Smoking

So not that we know what a nicotine craving is about and the feelings that it causes how can we be careful not to fall for the nic fit what we quit smoking? I think there are five things that will help you while you are trying to quit.

Change your schedule. When you change your schedule completely your body will be off balance and will not know exactly when to look for those cigarettes. This means have breakfast before your shower in the morning. Skip going for lunch, go out in the evening instead of staying home. Anything that will change things up is great.

Drink lots of water. Drinking water will get the nicotine out of your system more quickly but will also help you by keeping you hydrated which will also keep your energy up.

Keep your hands busy. If you keep your hands bust your body will be faked into thinking that the cigarette is in your hands and will not be so tense. Have you ever noticed that your nic fit ends just before you take that first drag? Your body knows what to expect so it is OK to wait a bit

Ride it out. A nicotine fit will only last a few minutes at most so if you can get some kind of relaxation in or walk around the block you will be better able to turn your mind away from the compulsion of the cigarettes.

Chew carrots or celery. The crispness of these two vegetables is something that will really help as you fight off your cravings. Go out and get a big bag of carrots and keep them everywhere and once you are tired of the carrots go and get some celery and do it again.

Don’t worry the nic fits that you feel for the first few days will go away quickly and you will be left with a great feeling of satisfaction in knowing that you can kick the habit. Good luck to you.

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