What is REAL Fitness Like?

Many people have a vision of what the word fitness means. With so many advertisements and promises of a physically fit body, it can become difficult to determine and define what fitness is.

It’s definitely a multi-million dollar per year industry, but sadly many Americans don’t know what it means to truly be fit.

Different people have different definitions and limitations on what fitness means. For example, a long distance or marathon runner might define it as having a strong lung capacity and good leg muscles.

Are Bodybuilders Real Fitness?

Is this real fitness? Not to most people

Is this real fitness? Not to most people….

A bodybuilder or a weightlifter may say that fitness is in how many pounds one can bench press, or the amount of muscle mass one has.

The reality is that fitness is determined by each individual person’s definition of what fitness truly is for them and their needs.

What is REAL Fitness?

True physical fitness is the ability to have endurance, strength, flexibility, and stamina all in one. It also includes speed and balance.

While no one will be perfect in all of these areas, just being able to maintain them all at a reasonable level is sufficient to be deemed physically fit.

Some athletes excel in certain areas, while they might fall back on others. But they should be able to at least perform all skill sets in a minimal way without too much difficulty. This is the real definition of someone who is fit.

The ability to perform all of these physical tasks in a way that a person can go from one thing to another without any problems is considered fit.

Getting Started Along The Fitness Path

For the “average Joe,” physical fitness might not be as easy as it sounds. It takes hard work and determination to get someone’s stamina, speed, and muscle capacity up to par.

Training on a daily, if not weekly basis can help tone someone’s body and get it trained into a working machine that will be able to run, jump, throw, and stretch much further than ever before. Come up with a plan and a program that will be easy to perform, and then expect to increase the difficulty as time goes by.

If you don’t notice a change within the first few months, your fitness plan may need to be revised. With time and patience, anyone can be fit and healthy.

You do not have to be an Olympic swimmer or a famous football player to be physically fit and able to perform physically challenging tasks.

Training the body to work harder and smarter is something anyone can do, and the rewards are amazing.

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