Further Recovery from Kidney Donation

I am sitting just about four weeks after my Kidney donation to my daughter. Although my recovery has been pretty good so far I am always wanting to push harder and it is my wife and duaghter that are holding me back, well until last Monday that is.

On Monday I went for a follow up with the surgeons that do the kidney surgeries and the doctor said I was healing well. So I started thinking of when I would start exercising again. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

I wanted to ride my bike – No

I want to start going to the gym – No

I want to start running – No

So the story is that although I am feeling good and healing well, the stitches on the inside still need to heal. I can not feel the healing but if I push too hard I can tear the stitches. So better safe than sorry for sure.

The doctor in fact says that the best thing I can do is getting some walking in and be very careful not to put any stress against my core muscles

So What Can I Do Now?

So here I am trying to get healthy and heal. I have only walking to give me exercise which is fine. I have been finding that I can walk for 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Trouble is that if I walk too far I feel really tired and have to rest for a while.

Just as I expected in the first place the healing is going to take some time but as the same time I know that I have a bit of an insight on limitations.

I don’t often feel like I have limits, but right now I seem to have a lot of limits. I will just be taking my time to heal, doing my best over the next few weeks to walk a lot and then slowly ease back into my exercise routine as my stitches heal.

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