Weight Loss Tips for Women over 40

I know that weight loss tips for women over 40 is a very popular topic. If you are over 40 and trying to lose weight here are some great tips that should help you out

Weight Loss Tips for Women over 40

1. Make sure that you are eating well – When you are trying to lose it is very important for you to make sure that you are eating correctly.

When I talk about eating correctly, most women have a low metabolism and need to speed up their metabolism. So make sure that you are eating lots of times, at least 5 times a day and small meals.

2. Give yourself lots of exercise – When I talk about exercise I mean that you again need to raise your metabolism, and the best way to do this is through high intensity weight based workouts.

Try to keep a good schedule of doing cardio to keep your metabolism up as well as trying to get workouts in. You may wonder why weight workouts?

Well anytime you are working the big muscle groups, back, chest, and especially legs, you will force your body to raise your metabolism.

weight loss tips for women over 40

3. Eat a low GI Type Diet – A diet with low GI foods will help you a lot.

The idea of low GI, or low glycemic index, foods is that these foods will burn more slowly and stop your blood sugar from fluctuating so much and will keep you healthier, raise your metabolism and is a great weight loss strategy as far as eating goes.

4. Get Exercise all the Time Anytime – This means that if you have a choice to walk do it. If you have the opportunity to take stairs instead of an elevator do that.

I find that those extra few hundred steps that you can get in a day make the biggest difference

So now that you have the basics of loss tips for women probably of any age but mostly for those over 40 it is time for you to do the work of getting yourself in better shape and losing weight.

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