How Long Should Your Weight Workout Take?

Many people want to know how long to workout for.

I tend to find that most people spend to much time in the gym and if you could decide to make your workouts only last 45 minutes you would keep your motivation.

Also you would get in better shape because you will be much more consistent than you could ever be with two hour workouts.

45 Minute Weight Workout?

Workout at Home

Workout at Home

So what can you get done in 45 minutes? Well 45 minutes is all that it takes me to go through my circuit training workout.

You can get 3 sets for every muscle group using basic, compound exercises as long as you do circuit training and minimize your rest between sets.

If you are doing cardio 20 to 30 minutes will seem like a long time when you get started but after a month or so of cardio you can easily do cardio for an hour.

Instead of doing an hour of cardio you would do much better to pick up the intensity and only do 30 minutes of cardio per session.

If this one 45 minute workout is not enough of course some people still workout twice in a day, one or cardio in the morning and another cardio orweights in the evening.

This would definitly be considered very advance workouts to be sure and not anything you would want to worry about until you are some kind of competitive athlete.

I have been trying to keep my weight workouts to 45 minutes each for at least a couple of years now so that I can get a quick warmup, a quick cooldown, and a really intense 30-35 minute workout.

Don’t get me wrong, the workout may be very short but I feel sick from working so hard by the end of it.

Occasional Longer Weight Workouts?

There are longer weight workouts of course and that seems to occur when I am going out for a bike ride.

My rides on the bike in the Summer are anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and although they are tough in parts and easy in other parts.

I mostly think of these as a nice way to just relax and burn off some nervous energy from the day or the week.

How long are you working out? Do you split it up and have short and long ones? What kinds of workouts do you most enjoy doing?

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