No Carb Diet

Even with the waning popularity of Atkins there are still people out there on a no carb diet. You may remember a few years ago there was a stampede back to the Atkins diet which is one example of a no carb diet when everyone was raving about all the food that they got to eat, all the fat and protein and still lost weight. Well that all kind of made sense at the time because your body with no barbs coming in will generally use stored fat for energy and you will just poo out most of that fat and protein that you are eating.

Here is a few problems with a no carb diet

1. Expensive - The no carb diet like Atkins is expensive to buy food for. How much steak and chicken can you eat? There is no fiber to fill you and you just feel bloated from eating this expensive food all the time.

2. No Carb Diet is Boring - The no carb diet are boring as they just make you eat the same foods often and you never get the interesting foods like fruits and veggies that are high in carbs.

no carb diet

3. Not long term effective - A no carb diet will help you lose a few pounds initially but you do plateau after a while and then you are stuck trying to find another way to lose weight.

As far as diets go the no carb diet is just another kind of fad diet in my book. They seem to work but after a while you find it is not a good lifestyle change. Now we have other diets that are somewhat the same in the first place. I know that the Zone diet will focus in the induction phase for no carbs but then after the first couple of weeks you add carbs in and it is a lot more healthy, it's that induction part that always makes me nervous.

No Carb Diet. A Problem?

There are many ways to lose weight but the no carb diet is not a very good one in the long term

Have you done Atkins or something like it? Did  a no carb diet work for you?

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