Reversing Diabetes - Can Diabetes be Reversed?

Anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes wants to know the answer to this question: Can diabetes be reversed? Most medical experts are of the opinion that diabetes cannot be cured or reversed, but recent studies indicate that the condition can be controlled and the risk of complications can be lowered by keeping blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible.

Types of Diabetes

People with diabetes have abnormally high blood sugar levels. This may be because their body is not producing enough insulin, or they cannot properly use the insulin their body is producing.

Type-1 diabetes affects 5-10% of diabetics and is not reversible. In Type-1 diabetes, the person's pancreas is not producing enough insulin, if at all. Insulin-producing cells in the pancreas are damaged and unable to produce this hormone.

Type-2 diabetes is more common and develops when the body loses its ability to process insulin correctly. This condition is also called insulin resistance. Obesity is the major cause of Type 2 diabetes. It can be controlled by medication but studies show that regular exercise and a healthy diet can help manage the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes even without medication.

Can Diabetes be Reversed?

Diabetics and pre-diabetics are anxious to know if can diabetes be reversed or cured. While there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes, those with Type 2 diabetes are in a better position to control the disease. Insulin resistance manifested by Type 2 diabetes can be overcome by maintaining a healthy weight and by regular exercise. Controlling the symptoms, however, does not mean that the disease is reversed. If diabetics stop exercising regularly or go back to an unhealthy diet, their abnormally elevated blood sugar levels and other diabetic symptoms will return.

How to Manage Diabetes Symptoms

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Obesity is a common cause of Type 2 diabetes because body fat causes an insulin imbalance. Those with excessive abdominal fat are more likely to develop diabetes. By exercising and limiting the consumption of carbohydrates, you can decrease fat and reduce blood sugar levels and as we see on the Biggest Loser the answer can Diabetes be reversed is yes.


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